This Younger Member Explains Why It Pays to Belong to ASCE

April 30, 2013

Jeremy Chrzan, crouching at right, with friends in ASCE’s Philadelphia Younger Member Group.

To persuade college students and scientific thesis recent graduates of the benefits of ASCE membership, a Philadelphia civil engineer who is into his “final years” as a Younger Member has written a compelling article just posted to the ASCE website. In it, Jeremy Chrzan, P.E., PTOE, LEED-AP, M.ASCE, a transportation project engineer for Pennoni Associates, gets right into the nitty-gritty of how ASCE membership and activity has benefited his career. As he put it:

“ASCE’s national, regional, local, and student conferences, have allowed me to meet and develop relationships with hundreds of engineers from throughout the country.  These engineering friends and colleagues represent a diverse background of engineering disciplines, and academic and real-world experiences, allowing me to build a network of people whom I can rely on for personal, project-related, and career development guidance,” Jeremy wrote. “These same ASCE members are frequently my partners on engineering projects, allowing us to communicate well and work effectively as a design team.”

Jeremy cited the career benefits of taking part in CE outreach events such as Future City and Concrete Canoe for students from third grade through college. “These events have not only helped to spread the word about ‘What Civil Engineers Do,’ but they have also provided me with a comfortable venue to practice public speaking, opportunities to improve time management and task delegation, and an opportunity to understand the mindset of our future engineers.”

Participating in Philadelphia’s Younger Member Forum has actually been “a lot of fun,” Jeremy wrote.
“From community service to social events and happy hours, we enjoy getting together, talking about our work and home-lives, and learning from each other. … ASCE can help with nearly every aspects of your career, while providing an enjoyable format to meet new people and grow as a person.”

I encourage you to click and read Jeremy’s full article. How can ASCE do a more effective job of relaying the benefits of membership to CE students and young professionals? I welcome your ideas in the comments below.

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