The ASCE IRD team assembles at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. PHOTO: Allison Pyrch
November 14, 2017

An ASCE Infrastructure Resilience Division team is in Mexico this week, gathering information about the region's recent earthquakes to help engineers better understand how to make infrastructure more...

An ASCE IRD team is traveling to Mexico to collect data in the aftermath of the Sept. 19 Central Mexico Earthquake.
November 9, 2017

Nothing helps mitigate future disasters like past disasters. And so as Mexico works to rebuild in the aftermath of two major September earthquakes, an ASCE Infrastructure Resilience Division team...

water cooler feature image
July 29, 2016

It feels good to bring an educated opinion to those “water cooler” chats at work. For many, it’s the time-honored ritual of Monday morning quarterbacking after the weekend’s football...

Project architects, community members and children join a ground-breaking for Beaverton's new resilient schools.
PHOTO: Scott Johnson/Beaverton Project Manager-Facilities Development
September 17, 2015

It’s not easy to face up to the frightening prospect of a major earthquake and tsunami striking your community. Two years ago, the state of Oregon adopted a resilience plan with a 50-year...