Promote the Profession

June 29, 2012

Late last month, as Congress was debating a new transportation reauthorization bill, civil engineers at the local level were enlisted to spread the word on the important need for passage of the legislation. Working with…Read More >>

June 18, 2012

Good news! K-12 engineering education may soon be coming to schools near you! This is certainly true if your state is one of 26 states leading the way to adopt the Next Generation Science Standards…Read More >>

May 31, 2012

Every year, ASCE’s student chapters build on the tradition of civil engineering in a wonderfully visual way. They participate in competitions to design and construct structures that need to maintain their integrity in the face…Read More >>

May 9, 2012

If your Section or Branch has been looking for a new outreach opportunity, consider helping kids learn more about civil engineering.  Worried you don’t know what to do or say?  ASCE has got your back…Read More >>

April 23, 2012

What a great time of year for educational outreach! As the photos and numbers come rolling in, it’s clear from the level of ASCE engagement that Engineers Week was front and center for many of…Read More >>

March 19, 2012

March is a busy time for lawmakers, from Congress down through state legislatures and local governments. That makes it the ideal month to stage a public event that leverages the latest legislative action on infrastructure…Read More >>

February 27, 2012

Every year, ASCE takes advantage of the stage that is National Engineers Week to mount an aggressive push to raise the public profile of civil engineers. What’s truly impressive are the lengths that many local…Read More >>

February 6, 2012

President Obama’s 2012 State of the Union address presented ideas and a vision that is supportive of the agenda and message of National Engineers Week.    The President highlighted the importance of an American workforce…Read More >>

January 31, 2012

  As previous blog posts have mentioned, when it comes to social media and building connections with your audience  – content is king.  Neglecting to regularly post content that grabs the reader’s attention  may prompt …Read More >>

January 26, 2012

During this week’s broadcast of the State of the Union address, the President spoke before a Joint session of Congress and talked about infrastructure. Although ASCE’s 2009 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure was not referenced…Read More >>