Promote the Profession

December 19, 2014

Last month marked the anniversary of the birth of Chinese-American structural engineer T. Y. Lin, an influential visionary who was a pioneer in the use of prestressed concrete. Lin’s revolutionary work in simplifying the process…Read More >>

December 19, 2014

It’s official!  Production has begun on “Dream Big!,” a celebration of engineering that will leave viewers breathless by taking them above, below, around, and through some of engineers’ most impressive achievements, all in stunning lifelike…Read More >>

Younger Members category winner: "This is How We Build"
December 18, 2014

When outgoing Executive Director Pat Natale challenged ASCE Student and Younger Members to create  music videos celebrating civil engineering, they took him seriously.  A $5,000 prize for the winning entry in each category and an…Read More >>

Berthoud as mayor of Golden, Colorado
December 4, 2014

The town of Berthoud, Colorado, about 45 miles north of Denver, is one of several notable landmarks named for Edward L. Berthoud, a railroad engineer who in 1877 located the Colorado Central Railroad in the…Read More >>

November 3, 2014

October marked the anniversary of the birth of Albert Fink (1827-1897), a German-born civil engineer best known for his railroad bridge designs in the U.S. and the development of the truss that bears his name….Read More >>

October 30, 2014

From a Rhode Island ballot proposition to enhance mass transit to another in Louisiana that would establish an infrastructure bank, many states are turning to their voters next week to decide on initiatives that would…Read More >>

October 24, 2014

St. Louis’ historic Union Station, once the world’s largest and busiest train station, marked its 120th anniversary this past September, reminding us that at its height, 22 U.S. railroad lines from east and west terminated…Read More >>

ASCE's Casey Dinges with the acting coordinator of the U.S. Geological Survey’s Energy Resources Program, Douglas Duncan.
October 2, 2014

Shale energy exploration has become a growing method to extract new energy resources. And because civil engineers are dedicated to protecting the health, safety and welfare of the public, they are becoming more involved with it…Read More >>

Casey Dinges Interviews authors of study on Why Women Leave Engineering
August 14, 2014

A growing number of women have been entering the field of engineering over the past few decades but this good news story doesn’t have a rosy ending.  As recent coverage in the Washington Post and…Read More >>

May 13, 2014

As stewards of our nation’s infrastructure, we need to help educate the public on this vital underpinning of society.  This week, dozens of major national organizations — including ASCE — are working to remind the…Read More >>